“Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude, looking forward, I am filled with vision, looking upwards I am filled with strength, looking within, I discover peace.” 

~ Quero Apache Prayer~ 

Death is an inevitable part of life, that none of us escape.  However, modern technology and advanced medical practices seem to have turned, what should be a peaceful and sacred experience, into a cold, sanitized and often times, impersonal non-event.  “Futile medical care,” which is the continued provision of medical care or treatment when there is no reasonable hope of a cure or benefit to the patient, has all too often, become the standard.

A Soul Midwife aims to bring tranquility and spirituality, back into the act of dying.  Death can be an experience filled with dignity, respect and sacredness. This can be attained by simply being present, listening, keeping a loving and compassionate vigil, and by understanding and recognizing the needs of the departing soul.

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